Winter Sale

Special Winter Deals

Everything is on sale through February 28, 2018 including service and items placed on order. Plus we have special deals on certain in-store items. You can also sign up for classes on how to fix a flat or maintain your bicycle.

Sale Prices


New Model Year Bikes 10% off

2017 Bikes 15% off 

Used Bikes 10% off

Special Winter Sale Bikes click here

Accessories and Clothing

Shoes 25% off

Clothing 25% off

Helmets 25% off

Indoor Trainers 15% off

Summer Jerseys 40% off

All Other Items 10% off

Service Specials

Prices are for service only, parts are additional.

Season Check $30 (was $40)

Basic Tune Up $45 (was $60)

Major Tune Up $60 (was $85)

Peak Performance Package $90 (was $120)

Complete Overhaul $120 (was $190)

Free Maintenance Classes

Reservations required. All classes start at 6 p.m. and last from 60 to 90 minutes. Each class limited to 10 people.

Fix-A-Flat (Tuesday, Jan. 16) Click here to sign up.

After taking this class you will know the steps to proper wheel and tire removal and tube and tire replacement. You will be able to save yourself the headache of a punctured tube due to improper inflation and installation. 

Road Bike Maintenance  (Tuesday, Jan. 23) Click here to sign up.

Topics covered will consist of basic adjustment, proper cleaning, troubleshooting, and tool explanation. Bring your road bike to class and learn on your own bike if you like.

Mountain Bike Maintenance (Tuesday, Jan. 30) Click here to sign up.

With proper bicycle cleaning you can prolong the life of your bicycle and it's components. You will learn how and when to clean and how to spot likely problems.

Women's Fix a Flat (Tuesday, Jan. 23) Click here to sign up.

A women's-only fix-a-flat class, identical to the regular fix a flat class.